Welcome to the Work of Data Advance Site

This site is the gateway to a number of websites currently under construction for clients of Work of Data.  Each is private to the individual client, and can only be viewed via the login page.  After login the next page seen by the client shows our latest progress report on their project, and includes the link to the working parts of their future site.

Also available on this site are a number of websites developed jointly by Artaura and Work of Data which can no longer be viewed elsewhere on the net.  All visitors are welcome to see these.

Work of Data's main site, which includes a larger portfolio of our sites currently active on the net, can be reached via this link.  Our speciality, if we have one, is in the more offbeat less formal sites.  As the name "Work of Data" implies, many of our sites are driven through databases ("content management", in the jargon) and some include other interactive features such as booking systems, e-commerce and games.